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8 Things I've Learned in 8 Years of Real Estate

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I am coming off the best year of my life professionally and personally, and coming out of the holiday season, which usually inspires real personal and professional reflection as we set goals for the next year. I started to think about how long I have been in this business of selling real estate, and I started to become so grateful for knowing all of these lessons. I feel like I've become one of those old guys who's saying "if I knew then what I knew now...". And because of that, and because of the mentorship that I share with my team, I thought this would be a great opportunity to give you a quick eight principles that I have learned in the last eight years. So buckle up, pay attention because some of these are going to be easy and seem obvious, but some of them, you may just have to think about.

#1: You've Got to Be Bold Before You're Good

If you would have seen me in the beginning of my career, door-knocking up and down winding narrow streets that had no sidewalks, in the dark (because I figured at dinner time people would be home) going door-to-door, you would not believe it! So, before you're good, before you have a resume, you have to be bold and if something is giving you fear you've to attack it head on.

#2: You're Not Learning While You're Talking

By listening, you give yourself an opportunity to establish rapport, trust and leverage. Whether that's with a client or with another broker, someone that you're working with. You are not learning anything while you're talking, so find every opportunity to listen, listen and listen again.

#3: If It's Not on Your Calendar, It's Not Going to Happen

That includes goal-setting. And you shouldn't just have an annual goal you should have quarterly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, daily goals. We do regular contests on my team just to keep ourselves accountable. If you want something to happen, the very first thing is to put it in your calendar.

#4: Success Leaves Clues

Stop focusing all day long on your logo, or the thickness of your business card. Look around you; observe all of those that have succeeded in your space. Whether it's personal or professional and emulate their business practices. Mankind has been around for a long time; there is a zero percent chance you can reinvent the wheel. Success leaves clues, find successes and copy.

#5: Never Assume the Answer is No

I can't tell you how many no's I have received that became yes's and motivation changes every single day. I'm not suggesting you should be a stalker, I'm just saying you never know what a client, agent or any human being, frankly, is going to say, even if they've told you before. Don't assume the answer is no, especially if there's a really good reason for yes.

#6: Real Buyers Have a Natural Momentum

This is great for new agents and veteran listing agents alike: the longer a buyer takes to demonstrate buyer behavior i.e. get pre-approval, sign a counter, show up for showings, respond to emails the lower probability it is that they're going to get to the finish line.

People that are motivated in any area of life demonstrate the behavior of the motivated. So don't sit and wait, yes and no are of equal value. When you reside in, maybe, you are in a dangerous place.

#7: Delegate

You cannot do everything on your own, and frankly, the more successful you get, the more valuable your time is. You should allow the monkeys to do the monkey business. I know that is a harsh thing to say, but if you are overpaying an assistant because you feel that they are so valuable to your business practice, then you do not have the right systems in place. We're set up in such a way that if a cog were to somehow fall out of the machine, we can put another cog right back in. You have to learn to delegate if you're going to get to the next level. You have to relinquish control.

#8: Don't Let Great Get in the Way of Good

That final five percent of obsessing over the details is a) not worth it to the consumer, b) likely not noticeable to the consumer and c) a waste of your time. All you have each day with your business is your time, so you must deploy it smartly, and over-focusing on very small things on a postcard that's likely going to end up in the trash from 99% of the receivers is not in service to you. So don't let great get in the way of being good.

If there's anything specific you want me to touch on, please don't forget to comment below!





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