• Ben Belack

Everything Worthwhile Starts Uphill

Updated: May 27

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In life, things happen that are out of your control. The choice is: are you going to give up or keep going? Maybe you have doubt about your life in the future and maybe that scares you. It's okay not to be okay! It's just not okay to stay that way.

I want to challenge you to get up, and for some of you, getting up means something different. but you've got to get up to find your purpose. Careers are built in trials of fire. Character is built and engrained during times of perceived catastrophe.

Every morning you have a choice: get on the media train or get on the "me" train. Afraid to pick up the phone? Afraid to send that email or text? You think to yourself "they'll think it's inappropriate or tone deaf". Can't we make that excuse any day of the year? Excuses sound best to those making them up.

Everything that is worthwhile in life starts uphill. You're too close to quit now. You've got to take another lap because the next lap could be the one. You think you've solved it because you have a goal and a dream? You've got to do work, and work is impenetrable to market fluctuation. But can you endure the perceived fluctuations of the public opinion of you? They're all lies! You know how you stop lies? With the truth! And the truth is, you have the time, you have the skill, the knowledge, the support, the will power and the discipline to get it done. If you want it-really want it-you've got to go get it!





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